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Who we are playing. Where we are playing and how to get there.

First thing to point out is that there is no need to purchase tickets in advance for away games.  Even if you could the procedure would be so problematic that you would probably just give up.

You also need to bear in mind the distances involved.  Apart from a few instances, unless you enjoy sitting on a bus for 10 - 12 hours or you can spare 2 - 3 days for each game, (even longer for the far north) then the bus is not for you.   Another option is the train.  However, journey times are similar to the bus, the schedule is limited and trains do not go to all cities. Therefore, flying is your only real option.

There are three airlines to choose from.  Varying in cost, schedule and reliability. 

Vietnam Airlines - Vietnam's flagship airline.  Usually the most expensive tickets (but you get 20kg luggage and snacks on most flights), fewer planes flying to each destination (with the possible exception of Hanoi) so schedule could be an issue but by far the most reliable of the three.

Jetstar Pacific - Reasonable prices.  Again, scheduling to certain destinations could lead to a few difficulties but generally reliable.  You will have to pay for luggage.

Vietjet - Usually (but not always) the cheapest tickets.  Generally more flights to destinations so more choices.  Reliability can be an issue with this airline.  Affectionately known as 'Delay airlines'.  Vietjet also have the annoying habit of changing your flights for you!!  Again you will have to pay for any luggage.

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