Name of Ground : Sân vận động Thống Nhất

Capacity              : 25,000 (all seats)

Address                : 138 Đào Duy Từ, Phường 6, Quận 10, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Brief History

  • 2011 - The club is founded as Hà Nội T&T's Youth Team and finishes 8th in it's first season in the First Division (V-League 2)

  • 2012 - Despite finishing 2nd, the club is denied promotion to V-League 1 as rules forbid one owner having two sides in the same division.

  • 2013 - In a bid to circumnavigate the rules, the club is 'sold' to Quang Huy Plastics Joint Stock Company although the two sides remain joined at the hip.

  • 2015 - The club become Champions of V-League 2 and this time are allowed to gain promotion to the top table of Vietnamese football.

  • 2016 - The club relocates to Ho Chi Minh City and renames itself Sài Gòn FC.  A move that does not go down well with the City's locals who still often refer the club as Hà Nội B.

  • 2019 - Sài Gòn FC finish in 5th place in V-League 1

2019 Season

How to Get to the SVĐ Thống Nhất

This is obviously the easiest of away games to get to as both clubs share the same venue.  Therefore there is no need for flight, bus or train details.  There are various ways you can get to the stadium from the different districts of HCM.  You can ride, grab a motorbike taxi (Grab or Go Viet) or local bus services.  Parking at the stadium can sometimes be an issue so it is best not to arrive too late.

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