Thanh Hóa FC

Name of Ground : Sân vận động Thanh Hóa

Capacity              : 14,000 (600 seats)

Address                : Lê Quý Đôn, P. Ba Đình, Thành phố Thanh Hóa, Thanh Hoá  Website                :

Brief History

1992 the current club is formed with the formation of Viettel-Thanh Hóa FC after the Viettel club expressed their desire to no longer participate in professional football.  The club was to however go through a number of name changes.


2009 Club wins the Vietnamese Super Cup 


2011 The club takes on the title of the previously disbanded name of Thanh Hóa FC

2015 Due to financial difficulties, the club requested help from local company the FLC Group.  On June 5 2015, the club officially changed it's name to FLC Thanh Hóa FC.

2017 The club finishes 2nd in V-League 1.  A position repeated in 2018.

2018 Owner FLC Group decide to end their relationship with the club and the team reverts back to it's traditional name of Thanh Hóa FC.  What was to follow was a season of turmoil with players leaving and the club narrowly avoided relegation to V-League 2 with a 1-0 Relegation-Promotion Play-Off victory over V-League 2 side Phố Hiến FC.

2019 V-League 1 Results

How to get to the SVĐ Thanh Hóa

The distance between HCM and Thanh Hóa is 1,567 km making the journey an extremely long one in terms of road transport.

Travel Options 

Plane - All the major airlines fly to Thọ Xuân International Airport Thanh Hóa with flying time approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes.  The airport is approximately 45 km outside of the city centre taking about 1 hour to complete.  There are direct buses from the airport to the city centre which can be found outside of the arrivals hall.  Prices to Thọ Xuân will vary between airlines and when you book.  

Train - There are five direct trains that you can take from HCM to Thanh Hóa.  Trains leave from Sài Gòn Railway Station which is located in District 3 and arrive at Thanh Hóa Station which is in Tân Sơn Ward.The journey takes approximately 30 hours so plan ahead if you decide to take this option.  Ticket prices vary depending on train and accommodation option but expect to pay at least đ900,000 for a one-way ticket.

The train options are as follows:

SE2   Depart HCM 21:55 Arrive Thanh Hóa 02:14 (Day 2)

SE8   Depart HCM 06:00 Arrive Thanh Hóa 12:21 (Next Day)

SE4   Depart HCM 19:25 Arrive Thanh Hóa 01:10 (Day 2)

SE6   Depart HCM 08:45 Arrive Thanh Hóa 15:38 (Next Day)

SE10 Depart HCM 14:30 Arrive Thanh Hóa 23:33 (Next Day)


Details and bookings can be made from the Vietnam Railways Website by following this link

Bus - The bus journey will take approximately 33 hours.  One company that runs scheduled buses between HCM and Thanh Hóa is Viet Hung.  The bus departs Ngã Tư Ga Bus Station in District 12, HCM and arrives at the Bus Station next to Big C in Đông Hà Ward Thanh Hóa.  Cost wise expect to pay approximately đ700,000 each way. 

Supporters Club - Due to the distances involved, it is very unlikely that the Supporters Club will be running any buses to this venue.  However, any details can be found on their facebook page by following this link.  Details will also be posted here when (if) available.

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